We have gathered the best practices from our 10 years experience to bring top features to the Mondiad advertising platform.
Our system saves your time and helps you to do your work quickly and efficiently.

First of all, it is an easy start. You need just 10 minutes or even less to register and launch your first marketing campaign.

Mondiad provides the intuitive and smart interface. We take care of every detail to make the process of campaign set up very smooth and fast.

Our system offers various targeting features that help you to save your budget by filtering the traffic to deliver your ads exactly to the point.

Daily statistics provided by Mondiad tells you if your campaigns are effective or something needs to be tuned.

We support integration solutions, so if you desire to create a custom connection with us, we are here for you providing support.

Mondiad is an advertising platform that helps you succeed. We are encouraged to grow our system and make it even smarter every day in every possible way.


Fast Approvals

Our team is working around the clock to approve your campaigns as soon as possible.

Advanced Targeting Options

Targeting options provided: GEOs, Carriers, Device types, OS, Browsers etc.

Self-Served Platform

Create, set up, edit, run or pause your campaign.

Traffic Fraud Detection

We detect and repress the fraud by using both internal and third party tools.

Multiple Creatives

Test multiple creatives within one campaign easily by using our A/B traffic distribution.

In-house technology

We have developed our own ad server from scratch to meet your highest requirements.

First-Class Support

Our support is available 24/7. Contact us by Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Email.

Powerful API

Use Mondiad API to enrich the collaboration with the system.

Over 10 years experience

While Mondiad was founded in 2019, the core team is well known by PopCash.

Are you ready to create your first campaign?

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